Santos Tour Down Under 2018

8 Blokes, 8 Bikes & The Tour Down Under

8 Blokes, 8 Bikes set off from small town Cambridge to experience the Santos Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia. On arrival, we collect our luggage, exit the airport and BOOM, a 35 degrees’ smack in the face, little did we know what was coming for us later in the week.

Over the next 7 days we were going to have the privilege of watching the best riders in the world strut their stuff and us guys were going to clock the km’s on our bikes too. Our daily routine started off with a coffee (of course) and finished with a well-earned beer (or two), followed by a well-deserved meal.

In the week we were in Adelaide, we covered a whooping 870km, 32hours of riding with 11,500m of climbing, it’s fair to say we came home for a holiday!!  With the temperatures soaring into the 40’s each day, this was an experience for some. Liquid and lots of it was crucial. Each day we’d consume up to 10 bottles of water each ride - the hottest day hitting 47.5 degrees on the Garmin.

One of the highlights of the week was standing road side on Willunga Hill (1km to go) and urging Gaz (Mike Gascoigne) to run alongside Richie Porte…. that wasn’t going to happen, as Richie was going so fast and we think Usain Bolt would have struggled to catch him!

Adelaide created the perfect cycling mecca for the week, with pop up stores lining the streets, events for young and old and an overall impressive festival feel. Specialized, in conjunction with Black Sheep Cycling did a supreme job creating Chateau a reconverted vacant pub, with an installed bar, cafe, eatery, shop, maybe a palm tree or 2, with events throughout the week keeping us busy when we weren’t riding our bikes. The occasional pro rider would drop in too, just topping off the ultimate Tour Down Under experience. 

Adelaide, has it all, great atmosphere, amazing riding and easily accessible, if you’d like to know more feel free to pop in and have a chat to Blair or flick him an email blair@spokencycles.co.nz about booking your ticket.


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