April News

Well, we are nearly two weeks down in what is a very crazy time for the world currently.

In reasonably uncertain times I have found my bike has given me some space to think about what this all means. We are very fortunate to have great customers, which is why we do what we do and makes it enjoyable. I honestly have a new appreciation for what I do and how much I do love my job.

We have some great news! You can now buy essential supplies from Spoken Cycles via our online store or by contacting us directly. Spoken Cycles has registered with MBIE to supply essential goods to consumers during the lockdown period.

 We will be following strict measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Please note our store is not open and products will be delivered by the contactless courier as per the government's guidelines.

Any questions please contact us on info@spokencycles.co.nz
or call 027 6637 663

Boheaney’s World

Boheaney’s World

The first week of isolation for me has been jam-packed from riding and family tennis tournaments to thistle grubbing and well, getting engaged!

This was a big highlight from the first week and has added more jobs onto the to-do list. Appreciate all the messages from everyone. Motivation I can imagine has been hard for everyone during this time, even personally, with ‘nothing’ as such to train for. For me, though I have taken this time to realise why I enjoy riding bikes, it is the simple pleasure of pedalling in the fresh air.

Riding around our local roads at not quite normal pace has made me realise just how lucky we are here in Cambridge.

Favourite Isolation breakfast
Granola, natural yoghurt with blueberries and some Manuka honey.

Spoken Smoothie


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