April - A Mad Month!

April News

It felt like just yesterday, Santa was coming down the chimney and the weather was warm. It's crazy to think it's now the end of April. A month full of bike riding, bike racing, and a confused weather system.

Some tired cyclists in the workplace.
Following two weekends of consecutive racing, it's sure to say there's a few sleepy riders and supporters this far into the working week. 

K2 last weekend made for a damp lap of the coromandel. It's only water right? Super impressive to see so many people out there on what is already a hard day, despite the rain!

Age Group Club Nationals took place over the weekend in Waikite Valley, Rotorua. The Te Awamutu Sports Cycling Club took out 1st place in the club points shield competition. Kudos to all the riders wo competed over the weekend. 

All New Specialized E-Bikes in Stock!

Como SL 4.0

The best combination of power, range, and usability in a comfort e-bike. Able to carry twice its weight in cargo.

Vado SL 4.0

There's no other e-bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like this, at a weight that's light enough to carry.

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Our Tyres got a little wider!
Thats right, Blair and Alex both got Gravel bikes and are loving them! The Cervelo Aspero makes gravel riding a breeze! 

It's BT's Birthday today. Happy Birthday to the boss! Have a good one Blair!

Sportful Kit 
Our range of Sportful kit is now all online! We have been riding in this stuff over the last year and you cant't beat it! 


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