What's the best smart trainer?

Smart Trainers are amazing pieces of equipment. They are full of the newest technology, and are transforming the cycling world. With so many options available now, deciding on the right option can be difficult. So what is the right trainer for you?

Why pick Elite?

The Direto XR and Suito T are both direct-drive, interactive smart trainers that deliver smooth pedalling, and impeccable accuracy from the beginning.

  • Resistance: Their resistance is magnetic and managed electronically via your device. The resistance will automatically adjust whether you are on Zwift, or on a pre-set GPS course. 
  • Maximum Power: The Suito T can reach 1900 watts and replicate a 15% gradient. In comparison, the Direto XR has a maximum output of 2300 watts and can simulate an incredible 24% gradient.
  • Accuracy: 2.5% accuracy contributes to the great value of the Suito T. Being Elite's top of the range, the Direto XR delivers a world class 1.5% accuracy driven by the presence of the OTS power meter inside.
  • Convenience: Both come pre-assembled and equiped with 11s cassettes, making installation a breeze. Suito T is preferable here due to it's compact size.

The Tacx Flux S

Like the Elite models, the Flux S is a direct drive interactive smart trainer, compatible with Zwift. Some of it's best features include:

  • Electromagnetic resistance maxing out at 2000 watts. 
  • 3% power accuracy. 
  • Accurate cadence data.
  • Simulate climbs up-to 10%. 
  • Smooth, quiet ride feel.

Why should I Buy The Wahoo Kickr Core?

The Wahoo Kickr Core delivers a realistic, accurate and quiet indoor cycling experience. It uses the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms. Other features include:

  • Silent Operation: The belt motor drivetrain was designed specifically to provide a smooth and silent ride.
  • 16% maximum gradient simulation.
  • 2% power accuracy.
  • Innovative design to ensure compatibility with quick release, thru axle, and clearance for all disc brakes.
  • Compatible with Wahoo Kickr ClimbElement Computer, and Kickr Headwind.

What smart trainer should I buy?

So, you're looking to get an interactive smart trainer. 

  • If accuracy is important, The Direto XR is the best option.
  • For convenience, the Suito is the one you want.
  • If price is your main concern, the Suito T and the Tacx Flux S are the best.
  • For something that can give you the full experience. The Wahoo Kickr Core is a great option, as it is compatible with various other accessories to make your indoor riding experience more realistic.

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