Vittoria Terreno Dry Review

A few weeks back, I had the chance to ride my Cervelo Aspero around the Coromandel on some gravel and the coolest roads around. This was my 4th “real” gravel ride and a big one at that. 125km, 2700m of climbing and 5:40hr of riding.

Why I Chose the Vittoria Terreno Dry

I am learning and learning quickly that tyres and tyre pressure is really important when riding on gravel. For this ride which was I’d say was a good 80-90km on gravel I wanted the best gravel tyre possible. So I chose the Vittoria Terreno Dry tyre in 700x38c width. 

Why? With a bit of road and reasonably good condition gravel I wanted the smooth centre ridge but still wanted the grip on the edges for when we were descending some of the long Coro descents. 

Terreno Dry Tyre Pressure

Then it was selecting tyre pressure, being a road rider I have really just been a bit old school until lately where I have played a lot more with tubeless technology and trying lower pressures and feeling the benefits. For this ride I decided upon a bit of research and that 30-35psi was decided the pressure to run.

What's the best tubeless sealant for the Terreno Dry?

I recommend running them with the new Vittoria universal tyre sealant. The secret is in the liquid base, which is thin enough to find and seal even the smallest punctures quickly and effectively. Suspended within that base are platelets, which clog together to seal larger punctures, providing the user with protection against a range of puncture sizes, and on any type of bike.

The Vittoria Terreno Dry is a great gravel tyre

Even though we encountered gravel, tarmac, grass, trail and mud, these tyres took everything we threw at them. This ride really put their speed, durability, and handling to the test. 

I am looking forward to trying other tyre options in the future but at the moment I highly recommend the Vitttoria Terreno Dry which are available in 700c x 33mm, 38mm, 40mm.


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