WareMB Fun Socks




WareMb Fun Socks

Pedalling must be first of all a pleasure and must be fun.
To never go unnoticed and to better express your own personality, MB Wear proposes a line which uses colours and innovative geometric shapes to express the pleasure of running freely. Six different designs for a unique product without renouncing the quality of MB Wear fibres. 30 grams containing resistance and durability never seen before. FUN is a compression sock having a hexagonal shape which adheres tightly to your foot and creates ways of outwards perspiration for sweat, thus always keeping your foot warm and dry. FUN also has a high anti-bacterial property, thanks to the presence of silver ions. Ultra-flat seams and a thin propylene layer inserted where foot pressure is highest will give you the best comfort and guarantee a total absorption of vibrations and blows, to have fun while being comfortable.

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